Withings is unveiling a new health gadget at CES 2024 called the BeamO. This all-in-one diagnostic health monitor for home use is expected to make a significant impact in the telemedicine field. Shaped like a USB, the 4-in-1 multiscope monitors heart rate, lung function, and body temperature. With a focus on consumer adoption, Withings aims to revolutionize at-home health monitoring, providing crucial data for an overview of overall health or early detection of potential concerns.

The future thermometer not only measures temperature but also monitors heart and lung functions, all from the comfort of home. With Withings BeamO, you can get a comprehensive health overview and catch early warning signs of potential issues, changing the norm of having periodic checkups a couple of times a year.

The advanced medical gadget is equipped with ECG, PPG, oximeter, thermometer, and stethoscope sensors for thorough check-ups. It goes beyond typical measurements, including features like 1-lead electrocardiogram, cardiac sounds, SpO2, respiratory sounds, heart murmurs, lung wheezing, and desaturation. Additionally, it has electrodes on the sides for EKG readings to detect atrial fibrillation.

The gadget has a built-in display for fast readings, and it conveniently stores data for up to 8 users through its app. Withings BeamO is awaiting FDA approval and is expected to be available in June 2024 at a price of $250. Considering it combines multiple essential functions into one device, it appears to be a worthwhile investment.