About 60% of waste in the U.S. ends up in landfills or incinerators, but some people are recycling. Yet, many still don’t. Luckily, some companies make products sustainably to tackle this issue.

Enkei, a Swedish circular startup, is changing how products are made. Their first product, the Reminder (001) Lamp, is both functional and stylish, mainly crafted from repurposed materials like fashion deadstock, scrap wire, recycled bio-plastics, and 3D-printed steel.

The lamp features two interlocking shapes, with an adjustable shade. Its minimalist design in space gray, white, and luminous colors blends seamlessly into any space. It doubles as an art piece and evokes the sleekness of smart speakers like Google Home. Its key selling point is its circular production, using quality materials while maintaining functionality as a lamp.

Enkei created ReCeramix, an alternative to traditional concrete using ceramic waste from construction sites instead of sand. The Reminder (001) Lamp debuts at Stockholm Design Week, with sign-ups available for a waitlist to purchase.