This new case aims to bring those joys to the iPhone, attaching a compact QWERTY keyboard for creators to swiftly and accurately turn thoughts into stories.

In the past, BlackBerry was the go-to for productivity, but today, its iconic physical keyboard is just a memory. Ironically, in our text-heavy mobile lives, touchscreen ergonomics and haptics fall short. Previous attempts to revive BlackBerry’s keyboard fell short, but Clicks stands out by projecting a fun and creative character that aligns with the preferences of today’s creators.

The Clicks cases stand out from traditional business-like BlackBerry clones by embracing vibrant colors and curves, like the yellow Bumblebee or the gray London Sky. To steer clear of legal issues, Clicks uses circular keys with spacing, giving the keyboard a playful look. Despite the design variations, the Clicks QWERTY case shares the same goal as previous ones – to enhance the typing experience with a familiar feel. Importantly, the keyboard doesn’t take up half the screen, allowing more space for content.

Using the case is a breeze. Slide your iPhone in from the top, align the connector, and snap the top on. The case is lightweight and affordable because it doesn’t have its own battery; it draws power from the iPhone. You can charge the iPhone without removing the case, thanks to pass-through charging. The simple design means MagSafe accessories won’t stick to it, but you can still use wireless charging on a flat surface.

The Clicks QWERTY keyboard case works only with the iPhone 14 and iPhone 15, but their availability won’t coincide. Priced at $139, it may spark debate, especially for those unsure about the benefits of a physical keyboard on an already tall phone. However, for creators constantly typing on their phone’s screen, this unique accessory is a worthwhile purchase.