In recent years, there has been significant focus on keyboards, with various designs aiming to meet the diverse needs of users and designers. From split-type ergonomic keyboards to those with knobs and touch screens, the goal is to simplify lives. This particular modular keyboard concept stands out not only for its modularity but also for its unique key and control shapes.

While the arrangement of letters and numbers in keyboards is generally fixed, with around 80 keys even on smaller configurations, variations exist in layouts across regions or laptops. Beyond the essentials, preferences may differ, such as the inclusion of a numeric keypad or alternative control sets.

The K-Bird Spec Project is a modular keyboard concept designed to meet diverse needs. It offers various side modules, like a numpad for quick numeric input, sliders and dials for audio control, a small drawing area with a stylus groove, or the option to have no modules, resulting in distinctive handles on the side.

The keyboard’s base shape allows for modules on either side, but they need to be ambidextrous. The default placement is on the right, where the numeric keypad typically is, and it can’t go on the left due to the handle extending from that side.

This design stands out by using hexagons for all controls, including sliders and dials on modular extensions. The keys, uniquely indented, add visual interest, but the impact on typing ergonomics is uncertain.