In today’s smartphone era, photography has become incredibly intuitive, allowing anyone to capture moments effortlessly. What if children had their own photography gear? Crafted to simplify the basics and offer suitable sizes and accessories, my aim with this project is to nurture a better understanding of this art in 3+ year olds and create a toy tailored to their needs.

Explaining ISO to kids can be tough, right? That’s why translating concepts is essential. The primary aim was to create affordable products using video game and toy ideas, minimizing touch screens. The self-timer is symbolized by ” “, and the selector is a customizable lever, resembling the handle of a water gun, adjusting parameters like light, focus, or shutter speed.

To enhance the experience without complicating things, we’ve added a few modules. A flashlight for night shots, a mirror (a cost-effective alternative to a selfie monitor), and a strap for taking your camera outdoors.

Child-friendly ergonomic design: enhanced grip with large handles, easy operation with oversized buttons, and vibrant playful colors throughout.