Mertcan Güldilek’s Nordic Breeze hotel combines luxurious architecture and natural camouflage, making it easy to miss from above. As you descend into the valley, the stunning hotel becomes more visible with its unique mix of snow-white exterior and wrap-around glass. Designed with AI, Güldilek’s concept illustrates how organic design can harmoniously blend into a landscape, enhancing it rather than standing out.

Designed for Storglaciären, Sweden, these hotels are situated in the valleys of a snow-covered mountain range, next to a glacial river that enhances their appeal. Different designs of the hotel place it atop the glacial river, providing guests with a breathtaking view of the snowy landscape and its reflection. The location promises amazing sunrises and sunsets for half of the year!

“As the sun descends, casting its golden rays across the land, the hotel radiates a warm and inviting aura that draws guests in,” adds Güldilek. “The golden hour lighting envelops the building, illuminating every detail and infusing the surroundings with a magical quality.”