The Turtle Restaurant sits gracefully by the coast, a stunning tribute to the sea turtle. Made entirely of bamboo, this sustainable marvel merges seamlessly with the beach surroundings, offering a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

The restaurant is crafted like a puzzle, with smaller geometric pieces meticulously assembled to resemble a giant turtle. Bamboo, selected for its availability and eco-friendliness, perfectly embodies sustainability with its strength and natural beauty.

The main entrance, found at the back of the turtle, effortlessly links to the forest, offering a pathway intertwined with nature. Plus, two side entrances greet guests from the beach, ensuring a seamless connection between the restaurant and its coastal setting.

The turtle’s shell houses the main dining area, inspiring awe. Its central part is open like a skylight, filling the interior with natural light for an airy feel. Outdoor decks on the sides extend the shell, providing patrons with panoramic views of the forest.

The bamboo arches serve two purposes: supporting the shell’s structure and adding drama and privacy to various areas of the restaurant. Tilted arches on the sides create a sense of grandeur, boosting visual appeal and making the space seem larger.

The Turtle Restaurant provides three seating options—lounge chairs, cane chairs, and regular cushioned wooden chairs—to accommodate different preferences. Guests can pick their favorite for comfort and atmosphere, tailoring their dining experience.

Adding a staircase to the inside of the turtle’s head could offer a special viewpoint for patrons, enhancing their experience and providing a picturesque spot for beach photos from a unique angle.

As the sun sets, the Turtle Restaurant becomes enchanting thanks to recessed ground lights and pendant lights. This gentle glow sets a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a premium beach bar experience.