Some people avoid regular doctor checkups due to embarrassment and fear, often related to in-person consultations. Virtual consultations became popular during the recent pandemic, but physical visits are still required for tests like blood work. However, with today’s technology, especially for basic tests and diagnostics, physical visits may not be necessary. This innovative cubical room uses advanced tools and AI to create a “self-serve” clinic that can be set up almost anywhere, providing easier and less stressful access to healthcare.

We’re encouraged to have regular checkups, especially if we sense something is wrong. However, accessing healthcare services can be challenging. Clinics may be distant, and doctors may have long waiting times. Imagine being able to walk into a room, use some gadgets, receive a rapid health diagnosis, and perhaps even get a valid prescription without physically meeting the physician. That’s the convenient and stress-free experience promised by the Forward CarePod, touted as the world’s first “AI Doctor’s Office.”

CarePod empowers you to take control of your health, almost literally, with a comfortable chair inside its single-person room. You enter, answer some questions to identify the necessary clinical tests, and use the provided tools to conduct them—such as drawing blood, swabbing your throat, and checking your blood pressure. These are frontline clinical diagnostics typically done by nurses and doctors, but now you can perform them yourself with the right tools. This means there won’t be any human doctors or nurses inside CarePods, at least not human ones.