Moving houses is a hassle, especially with lots of stuff. I often wish I could have all my belongings and furniture in one box, making it easier to move from place to place. Tiny houses now offer that convenience, as long as everything fits in the compact space.

The Grande S1 is a unique and high-tech tiny house. It’s pre-fabricated, fits into a large box for transport, and can unpack itself to create a 20-foot-wide living space. With furniture and all your belongings, it expands to 364 square feet. When fully expanded, it’s street legal, meeting the necessary requirements for a livable space.

To open the house, unfold the awning, stairs, and lower the stabilizing posts. Press a button, and the house unfolds mechanically. Inside, you’ll find a dining space, living room, kitchen, bathroom, home office, and bedroom. All furniture can be folded or stowed away into compartments, making room when the house folds back into itself. For instance, the queen-sized Murphy bed and office desk can be stowed into the wall, and the dining table can be folded along with the chairs inserted into it.

Preparing to move? Stow the desk, bed, and dining table, place the sofa in the front entry, and fit the office chair and coffee table into the bathroom. Remove the stabilizing posts, press a button, and the house folds up in just 10 minutes. This tiny house is off-grid capable, powered by a 1,400-watt solar panel array connected to a 5-kilowatt Lycan power box.