The Grid Architects, an Indian studio, has built a curved office in Ahmedabad using white ferrocement. Inspired by the Sanskrit word for “flow,” the 200-square-meter workplace is situated in a busy area near a road intersection with ongoing construction. Its distinctive feature is the undulating white walls made of ferrocement, a simple form of reinforced concrete, making it visually prominent in the bustling urban surroundings.

The rooms with ferrocement walls are arranged along a passage running through the building. They taper vertically towards skylights to promote natural light and airflow. The windows are designed to overlook an external water feature and a private courtyard, adorned with drought-resistant plants.

According to the studio, ferrocement had a notably lower carbon footprint compared to using standard concrete masonry and also helped shape the building’s organic form.

“The fundamental design principle revolves around the minimal use of a single material,” explained The Grid Architects.