Portuguese studio OODA unveiled a 13-cube staggered skyscraper design for Hora Vertikale residential development in Tirana. Set to start construction in spring 2024, the 140-meter-tall building will feature apartments above a park with public amenities.

OODA designed a mixed-use development in Tirana, aiming to engage the local community. Described as a “unique vertical village” in the Albanian capital, the building consists of 13 cubes, each measuring 22.5 by 22.5 meters and standing seven stories tall – a typical height for buildings in Tirana according to the studio.

The building will have a staggered, blocky appearance with 13 boxes. The base will consist of three rows of three cubes, with some slightly rotated to create narrow gaps. Two side-by-side cubes will sit on top, followed by two singular cubes, making the building six cubes tall. The cubes will vary in design, with some having gridded facades and regular windows, while others will feature protruding blocks and rounded elements.

Hora Vertikale will be constructed using locally-sourced materials. The top cube will have angular balconies supported by columns spaced around the perimeter. OODA mentioned, “Each cube represents a distinct concept related to art and is inspired by the local vernacular.”

OODA states that the building will use locally sourced materials from Albania to minimize its carbon footprint and support local businesses. The studio expressed that this approach will create a lasting impact on both city visitors and residents.

A park will encircle the skyscraper. The building was designed to make a strong impact on the landscape, featuring a staggered blocky exterior with a unique appearance from every angle.

OODA mentioned, “From afar, the building showcases distinct elevations and perspectives when viewed from various locations in the city. Up close, the playful design reveals its intricacies, and the structures step back from the main road towards the park at the rear, creating a smooth transition in terms of scale.”

It will reach a height of 140 meters. Hora Vertikale is the newest notable skyscraper with a unique design planned for construction in Tirana, joining other distinctive projects like Chybik + Kristof’s cascading tower made from red concrete. MVRDV has also announced plans for a skyscraper in the city, featuring a silhouette inspired by the bust of the prominent Albanian historical figure Gjergj Kastrioti.

OODA’s unique skyscraper design is the latest addition to the planned distinctive structures in Tirana. The studio, headquartered in Porto and Lisbon, was founded in 2010 and is led by partners Diogo Brito, Francisco Lencastre, João Jesus, Julião Pinto Leite, and Rodrigo Vilas-Boas.

Previously, OODA renovated a ceramic-tiled building in Porto into 14 apartments and worked with Kengo Kuma to transform a slaughterhouse into a cultural center.

The images are credited to Plomp.