Before the current trend of ChatGPT, image generators, and AI-powered services, there was a widespread fascination with personal assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. This interest has waned a bit because these voice-controlled voices have become so common in many smart home devices. However, most personal AI assistants are only accessible from stationary devices at home or smartphones. The Rabbit r1 aims to solve this problem by offering a cute little gadget with a smart, AI-powered personal assistant, making it convenient for use outside the home. It’s like a serious-purpose Tamagotchi.

At first glance, the Rabbit r1 doesn’t immediately strike you as an AI device. It appears to be a simple toy featuring a pixelated rabbit with a blocky head and long ears within a square orange device that comfortably fits in your hand. The rabbit head can display expressions, blink, wink, or even wear headphones, enhancing its toy-like appearance. However, this cute gadget is more than just a toy; it’s the face, or rather the head, of one of the most adorable AI assistants on the market.

The Rabbit r1 serves as a dedicated AI-powered assistant, officially marketed as “your pocket companion.” It aims to make common AI features more convenient by separating them from your phone or home speaker. The idea is to easily take this device, which is less noticeable except for its bright orange color, out of your pocket or bag. You can then press and hold a button to talk to the rabbit and wait for its response on the screen and through audio. The Rabbit OS, the software platform, is quite capable, capable of answering various questions. The rotating camera even performs image recognition, helping you identify popular personalities or suggesting recipes based on your fridge contents.

If the appearance of the r1 seems familiar, it’s because it shares design traits with Teenage Engineering, known for its unique music-creation devices. The Swedish company is the creative force behind the distinctive design of this pocket AI device. Using this device in public is not embarrassing, especially in situations where using a smartphone might be impolite or impossible.