Bose’s new $299 Ultra Open Earbuds let you hear your surroundings while enjoying in-ear sound. You can listen to a podcast while walking the dog and still hear approaching bicycles, catch your deli number while watching a video in line, or play workout music while chatting with a friend during a run.

Instead of going inside your ear, these buds sit on the inside edge. They stay in place with an innovative cuff-shaped design. A soft silicone arm connects the speaker to the battery barrel, resting gently on your skin for hours and providing a secure grip on almost any ear.

Tech wearables often focus on the ear, so it’s intriguing to see a well-known brand like Bose trying new ear attachment methods. These were just announced, but I’m curious to see future reviews on whether the cuff design is comfortable for long-term use.

As for how they sound amidst real-world noise, Bose has a demonstration you can listen to here.