You’ve probably seen memes where brave folks freak out over cockroaches. This robotic roach idea might be terrifying or fascinating, depending on your curiosity.

Baby X-Roach is a robotic creation designed to resemble a typically frightening insect. Despite its low-poly design, it’s described as having a big, kind heart and a curious nature that keeps it alive, despite being overlooked by most people.

The Baby X-Roach design draws inspiration from real cockroaches but with a high-tech twist, resembling something you’d find in a Tesla facility. Its appearance could fit into the Into the Spiderverse universe, with its red and black colors and mechanical movements, suggesting a connection to Miles Morales’ spider.

The robot insect serves no purpose other than being a cute pet, unless you’re scared of roaches. If you are, you might accidentally squash it if it comes your way, which would be a shame for this little critter.