No more dull lighting! Today’s lighting fixtures not only illuminate but also bring glamour to your space. They should be both functional and beautiful, enhancing the aesthetics of your home or office. The Ghost Chandelier by 101 Copenhagen is a unique and stunning example of such a design.

The Ghost Chandelier features a white acrylic tube with an organic shape inspired by hand sketches. Its fascinating aspect lies in its changing appearance from various angles. The built-in LED light source emits a warm and subtle glow, creating an inviting and moody atmosphere.

The Ghost Chandelier is adorned with bronze hardware, adding a sophisticated touch to its minimalist design without being overwhelming. It includes four stainless steel wires for adjustable height, allowing for dynamic and dramatic viewing. This lighting piece is simple yet bold, modern, contemporary, and on-trend without being too much. It comes in both large and small sizes, giving you the flexibility to choose the variant that best fits your living space or even have it tailor-made.