Created through a blend of engineering, sustainability, and architecture!

While Bali often embraces bamboo-based architecture, the Arc gymnasium by Ibuku stands out as a remarkable achievement in sustainable design. Specifically crafted for a private school campus, it boasts a distinctive double-curved roof constructed entirely from bamboo. The Green School, known for its 12-year commitment to innovative and sustainable education, breaks new ground with the Arc, representing the first of its kind in this architectural approach.

The bamboo structure is made up of intersecting 14-meter tall bamboo arches, spanning 19 meters. These arches are connected by gridshells that curve in two opposite directions, deriving strength from this unique design. This approach mimics nature’s strategy, like the human ribcage, where compression is supported by tensioned elements, creating a strong yet thin structure. In the Arc, arches in compression are supported by tensioned gridshells, creating an illusion of draped spaces between thin arches. The gridshells not only appear to hang but also play a crucial role in supporting the arches.

The unique shape of the building creates a protective roof for a 760-square-meter sports court. The lightweight design achieves balance, reducing the need for structural materials. This results in an impressive inner volume with a thin structure and no distracting trusses. The Arc is a magnificent, minimal, and organic structure that demonstrates the possibility of dreaming big, making an impact, and pursuing sustainability on a grand scale without sacrificing purpose.