These construction photos depict One Za’abeel, a pair of skyscrapers with a 225-meter-long cantilever in Dubai. The images reveal the nearly completed complex, showcasing the world’s longest cantilever, known as The Link, spanning a six-lane highway. Constructed by companies like Mace, the steel and glass bridge is just 16 meters shorter than the smaller of the two flanking skyscrapers, measuring 241 meters, while the taller one reaches 304 meters, making it a supertall skyscraper.

Nikken Sekkei is close to finishing One Za’abeel, set to be completed by the end of this month. Positioned as one of the first visible structures for travelers from the airport, it aims to become a landmark in Dubai. The Link inside includes an infinity pool running its entire length and will also house various restaurants, along with retail and leisure facilities.

These amenities are part of a broader mixed-use plan for the complex, including offices, hotels, and residences. Nikken Sekkei notes that One Za’abeel’s distinctive design stands out from the surrounding buildings.

The complex consists of two skyscrapers and a 225-meter-long cantilever. Nikken Sekkei designed One Za’abeel for developer Ithra Dubai, and the challenging lift of the cantilever over the live highway took place in 2020.

Dubai is no stranger to record-breaking buildings, with the Burj Khalifa standing at 828 meters and being the world’s tallest building since its completion in 2010. Other notable buildings with significant cantilevers include the Busan Cinema Center in South Korea and the observation deck at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

Photo credits: One Za’abeel.