Pininfarina, known for shaping the design direction of Ferrari, Alpha Romeo, Maserati, and Peugeot, started as a coachbuilder for luxury cars in the 1930s. Their electric hypercar, the Pinnifarina Batista, pays homage to the owner and showcases their commitment to luxury and customization.

Recently, a new concept from Pininfarina has emerged—a compact urban microcar designed for tech-savvy, health-conscious individuals who appreciate a minimalist lifestyle.

This two-seater electric vehicle, with hubless wheels and a raised height, is compact for easy navigation in crowded city areas. Unlike past designs, this concept prioritizes practicality, featuring a cockpit-like compartment that optimizes aerodynamics for minimal drag.

This Pininfarina concept resembles a modernized hot rod, equipped for quick sprints rather than long races like Le Mans. With an electric motor providing torque, it’s not built for high-speed tracks. The swingarm suspension allows easy turning at decent speeds, making it suitable for short trips within the city and its limits.

The raised rear and subtle front of this electric vehicle provide the driver with an excellent view. The clean color scheme, in line with Pininfarina’s signature design, complements its aggressive yet classy stance, creating an appealing overall look.