Mayla Yacht, known for their sports cars, now ventures into watercraft with a 44-foot GT superboat. It boasts superior aesthetics and options for gas, diesel, electric, or hybrid powertrains, totaling 3,000 HP for speeds up to 100 knots. Designed by a German company experienced in winning yachts, it’s crafted from high-end carbon fiber with a spacious cockpit and a garage doubling as a beach club. Look out for its debut at Boat Düsseldorf 2024.

Carbon prepreg keeps the boat lightweight under 3.8 tons for better efficiency and range. Its deep-V monohull with twin transversal steps enables speeds from 50 to 100+ knots by reducing surface friction with air bubbles. Petestep deflectors direct water spray downward, enhancing power efficiency, stability, and reducing noise.

The boat’s multipurpose cockpit area can host up to 8 guests for a lounge party at sea. It features a sundeck with sliding loungers, foldable dining tables, a wet bar, and BBQ. If you want to get closer to the water, head to the beach club platform. Below deck, there’s a double bed, sofa lounge, wardrobe with vanity, entertainment system, and separate shower areas. The vessel is equipped with 200 liters of fresh water and a 22-liter hot water system for a comfortable stay.

According to Mayla, the entry-level GT superboat will make its first appearance at the Boat Düsseldorf with a price tag of approximately $1.8 million. If interested buyers have more cash to burn, they can opt for more options to spoil themselves in luxury. If you are someone who wants to try out the vessel but doesn’t have that amount of money to spare, the German company is also offering trials beginning in Spring 2024.