Indian startup Surge EV created a special electric vehicle for the Indian market. It’s called the S32 and looks like a regular auto-rickshaw when combined.

But here’s the cool part: the front opens up, and the driver can take out what they were sitting on—a separate scooter!

This setup offers a lot of flexibility. A delivery driver or vendor can adjust the vehicle daily or as needed for specific hauling, traffic, or energy requirements. The scooter and rickshaw body have separate batteries and motors, charged independently. When combined, the body’s larger battery does the driving, capable of hauling 500kg. The scooter’s smaller battery is activated when separated. Top speeds are 50 km/h for the body and 60 km/h for the scooter.

Additionally, the body will come in various setups, including one for carrying passengers.

The company claims the transformation takes just three minutes and doesn’t require any tools.

As of now, prices haven’t been revealed, but the company plans to start production in 2025.