Car exhibits can be monotonous with just cars on display. To add excitement and innovation, brands must find creative ways, especially at art and design exhibitions, to showcase vehicles in a more unconventional and engaging manner.

In celebration of the Lexus LF-ZC Battery Electric Vehicle Concept Car, there’s now an installation at the Miami Art & Design Week. Named “8 Minutes and 20 Seconds,” it represents the time light takes to reach Earth. Unlike a typical car display, it features a self-illuminating 3D skeleton of the concept car. Constructed from organic transparent photovoltaic sheets, it’s solar-powered, emitting a spectrum of color and movement for a captivating visual effect.

The EV Skateboard, housing the engine, stands out with its LED panel, serving as the focal point. Depending on your viewpoint, the sculpture offers varying perspectives. Motion sensors make the car react to people nearby, creating ripples in the LED panels. Bamboo chimes accompany the display, reflecting the use of bamboo materials in the concept car.

Every 10 minutes, you’ll witness a crescendo of sound and light patterns. Positioned in a garden, the sculpture’s color temperature changes in sync with the natural circadian rhythms of its surroundings. It’s fascinating to witness in person, providing a unique display for cars, even if it’s just a concept car.