Open floor plans are a major architectural trend in offices, tiny houses, and residential construction. This layout features a single large open room that serves the functions of multiple rooms, commonly referred to as a “great room.” It typically combines the living room, dining area, and kitchen in a shared floor space.

While open layouts offer various benefits, they often lack privacy. Consequently, homeowners in such spaces commonly use room dividers, frequently made of wood, to create privacy and visually appealing bookshelves. Now, Trolley aims to enhance this functionality with an additional segment.

The Trolley is a mobile unit, designed for easy movement. It features a TV screen on one side and shelves for books and d├ęcor items on the other side, with an additional base shelf extending the width of the contraption, adding to its multifunctionality.

The Trolley is designed to seamlessly blend into any home space without disrupting its aesthetics. It accommodates a 55-inch slim display on one side and provides storage for accessories like the remote, game controller, and set-top box on the other side. While it’s unclear whether the display is built-in or if you can use your existing TV set, it is known to be highly portable.

The Trolley is divided into two parts: the base and the TV section. These parts can be used independently or assembled together as one unit. Constructed from premium metal with a matte bluish-grey finish, the Trolley eliminates the need for a separate TV stand or wall mounting. It allows you to easily separate your living area from the dining or study space with minimal effort.