AI is a powerful and controversial tool used across various industries, not just for images and text but also for fields like music creation. Despite music being traditionally seen as a realm of human creativity, AI is now being applied to it, as seen with this futuristic synthesizer. This device, although suitcase-sized, doesn’t entirely take over the creative process but rather transforms it into a collaboration between humans and machines.

Picture this: with just a few button presses, you can create tunes perfectly suited to any mood or genre. Unlike typical synthesizers that leave you to experiment on your own, SPIN, the AI-powered synthesizer, provides pre-made elements to enhance your mix without limiting your creativity. It’s akin to choosing between using store-bought tomato sauce for a recipe or making your own from scratch.

SPIN offers buttons for various moods, genres, and sounds that you can mix freely. Ever wondered about happy death-metal disco or dark jazz opera? You can experiment with these combinations, though not every mix will be a hit, so you’ll need to fine-tune it yourself. Plus, with sliders for BPM and duration, and a turntable for scratching, you can add your personal touch, whether with or without AI assistance.

SPIN is both an artistic creation and a showcase of AI capabilities. It’s built with off-the-shelf components that form its core functionality, although they’re cleverly concealed behind an interface designed to promote playfulness and exploration. The vibrant yellow and white colors, uncommon in typical synth designs, further accentuate its lively character.

Generative AI has faced criticism due to its misuse, rather than any inherent flaws. SPIN aims to change this perception by showcasing AI as not only accessible but also enjoyable to use. Since it operates differently, you don’t need to fret about copyright issues, allowing you to freely explore the collaboration between human creativity and machine learning.