Night vision technology has evolved significantly from its military origins, offering improved visibility, color reproduction, and clarity beyond the grainy images seen in action films from the 2000s. While traditional night vision relies on infrared (IR) to help the human eye see in low light, the AKASO Seemor takes a game-changing approach by integrating AI into the process. Unlike regular night vision goggles that depend on large sensors and heavy image processing, the AKASO Seemor uses an AI-driven ISP algorithm. This algorithm detects objects and shapes, compares them to a vast database, and enhances what you see. It represents a significant advancement in night-vision technology, akin to the shift from regular Google Search to AI-powered search engines like Bard, ChatGPT, and Bing Chat.

The AKASO Seemor, designed to resemble high-end binoculars with a digital viewfinder, is packed with cutting-edge night-vision technology. Its large 1/1.79″ CMOS sensor captures abundant light data for observing objects and environments. The visual data undergoes enhancement through Seemor’s advanced AI-powered ISP (Image Signal Processor). With a 4-megapixel sensor capable of recording 4K videos and images, it reproduces up to 99% of the scenery’s color, addressing a challenge faced by other night-vision goggles. The impressive 16x digital zoom allows you to focus on subjects up to 500 meters (1640 feet) away, catering to surveillance personnel, wildlife enthusiasts, night adventurers, and tech enthusiasts alike.

The standout achievement of the Seemor lies in its AI capabilities, leveraging current tech trends to significantly enhance its features. The ISP operates remarkably by identifying and comparing what it sees to a vast database, enabling it to add details and vivid colors to the scene and objects even in extremely low light conditions. The AI also contributes to other features such as scene enhancement and HDR color-grading, delivering impressive results.

The Seemor displays visuals on its dedicated 3-inch TFT display, providing clear visibility up to 3280 feet away. The goggles offer 7 infrared settings to adjust for different darkness levels and allow you to switch between color and infrared viewing modes. In color mode, you experience stunning vivid hues because the Seemor accurately represents 99% of the colors in its scenes. This makes flowers vibrant, skies distinct, and the environment appear like it would in daylight, even in low-light conditions.

The Seemor’s visual capabilities extend beyond enhancing low-light visuals. With an impressive visual range, these goggles allow you to see as far as 3280 feet (1 kilometer), with clear viewing of smaller subjects up to 1640 feet (500 meters). Besides observation, the Seemor excels in capturing what you see, offering 4K video and image capture with H.265 video encoding for high-definition quality. The media is stored on an SD card within the Seemor, providing storage of up to 512GB. The Seemor features removable 3200mAh batteries, allowing you to quickly swap them out for continuous use (each Seemor comes with two batteries). The batteries provide up to 4 hours of continuous use in IR mode and 8 hours in color mode. Additionally, a USB port allows direct charging, extending the Seemor’s life.

Priced at just $179, the Seemor strikes a perfect balance between amateur night-vision gear and cutting-edge military-grade technology. It outperforms others in its price range, largely due to its innovative use of AI. Each Seemor comes with the AKASO Aura app for remote monitoring and capturing what the goggles see. With a threaded mount for a tripod, you can wirelessly view and record media or transfer photos and videos through its built-in 2.4G WiFi link. The AKASO Seemor is set to start shipping as early as February 2024.