High-end smartphones can be quite expensive nowadays, especially premium models with advanced features. Limited editions are not uncommon in this industry, but Caviar, a luxury brand, specializes in creating extremely limited editions with extravagant materials and designs. The latest addition to their collection is based on Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series, coinciding with the Chinese New Year and celebrating the Year of the Dragon. This special edition is adorned with gold, jewels, and references to the East-West union embodied by Samsung’s smartphones.

Take a glance at Caviar’s Galaxy S24 Ultra, and you’ll see it’s anything but ordinary. The intricate golden Korean dragon is not just a painting or sticker; it’s a highly detailed bas-relief coated with 24-karat gold. The dragon descends from the top of the phone, symbolizing the heavens, and wraps around the analog watch at the center of the design.

Yes, there’s a real mechanical watch on the back of this phone, featuring a CVR ELT3350A Tourbillon with manual winding and 19 stones. While it does make the phone a bit thicker, the uniqueness and beauty of the watch might justify the trade-off. Interestingly, the watch is surrounded by the 12 signs of the Western Zodiac, rather than the expected Chinese Zodiac for a phone celebrating the Chinese New Year. These symbols, crafted from enamel on PVD-coated titanium, embody the blend of European and Eastern culture that reflects Samsung’s business.

Every detail in this intricate design was crafted with careful attention to symbolism. The three diamonds in the corner not only resemble a constellation but also pay homage to Samsung’s original logo, the ‘three stars’ from which the company derived its name. While the green color of the watch dial may seem unexpected among the prevalent gold and black tones, it signifies rebirth and prosperity, aligning with the color and theme of the Year of the Wood Dragon.

With a price tag of $15,070 and only 24 devices available, this design caters to an elite clientele. The rarity of encountering another person with the same phone is as unlikely as meeting a mythical Korean dragon. For those seeking the prestige of owning a unique and captivating piece of craftsmanship, the limited availability adds to the allure, despite the short queue of potential buyers.