Foiling technology in yachts, known for its efficiency and quiet rides, has gained popularity recently. BMW and TYDE‘s collaboration, “The OPEN,” is the world’s largest foiling motor yacht, offering unmatched luxury. This marks their second partnership for a larger and more refined electric foiling yacht designed for an elevated water experience.

The OPEN is described by the design team as a fresh approach to electrification, sustainability, and innovation. This innovative electric vessel is 49 feet long and 15 feet wide, powered by a zero-emissions drivetrain similar to The ICON. It features a BMW i3 battery with a 400kWh capacity and twin 100kW electric motors, allowing The OPEN to reach a maximum speed of 30 knots.

The luxury yacht can travel at 25 knots for a range of 50 nautical miles. It enhances its green performance with solar panels on the hardtop. The yacht features a windshield around the seating area, providing a clear and safe view of the surroundings. The deck serves as both a sunbathing and dining area, and it includes a bathing platform.