The Moon chair from Quadrifoglio Group’s Design Living division eases pressure on the knees, relieving the spine and encouraging a natural, correct posture.

Created by Serena Papait, the Moon chair blends innovative design and ergonomics to provide a unique feeling of weightlessness and exceptional comfort. It received global acclaim in 2023, winning the prestigious Red Dot Award: Best of the Best in Product Design. Drawing inspiration from Scandinavian design, Moon relieves spine pressure by redistributing it to the knees, promoting a natural posture. The chair’s structure facilitates rocking movements, encouraging active sitting.

The Moon chair is made from polypropylene, strategically varying thickness for durability. It’s CATAS EN 1728 certified, ensuring quality in fatigue resistance, static loads, and impact. Comfort and weight distribution are improved with neoprene inserts at key contact points.