The Migaloo M5 superyacht, priced at $2 billion, is considered the pinnacle for discerning billionaires. This Austrian-made vessel, labeled as the future of yachting, surpasses the current costliest superyacht, the $800 million L├╝rssen Dilbar. Measuring 544 feet in length and 75 feet in width, the M5 offers luxurious accommodations for 20 guests and 40 crew members. What sets it apart is its ability to dive 820 feet underwater and stay submerged for four weeks, making it an exclusive and extraordinary choice even among billionaires.

Enjoy an abundance of activities on extended holiday trips with the Migaloo M5 superyacht. It comes equipped with two custom Midget submarines, two submersibles, a helicopter, jet skis, kite surfing, paddleboarding, and various water toys like Sea-Doo Jet-Skis, Seabobs, ROVs, UUVs, Zapata Racing flyboards, hoverboards, and more. For land expeditions, there are two expedition vehicles and pickup trucks available when docked on shore. There’s something for everyone to make the most of their vacation.

Migaloo is prepared to customize amenities and interiors based on the client’s preferences. This includes a spacious dining room for 36 people, a high-tech cinema hall, swimming pools, a jacuzzi, a carefully curated wine cellar, panoramic glass walls for breathtaking views during the journey, and an impressive expandable beach club.

The M5, equipped with a hybrid propulsion engine (diesel and AIP), boasts a range of over 9,300 miles. It can achieve a surface speed of 20 knots and 12 knots for underwater exploration. Following a safety incident with the Titan submersible, Migaloo CEO Christian Gumpold emphasizes safety as their top priority. They are seeking visionary billionaires with “extraordinary demands for exclusivity, safety, adventure” as potential buyers.