The AYANEO Mini PC AM01, with its nostalgic Mac design, has stirred excitement among tech experts, and rightly so. It combines the classic Mac appearance with the functionality of a Windows 11 PC, making it a must-have for gamers who appreciate retro vibes. When we introduced the AM01, there were already discussions about the Retro Mini PC AM02, which mimics the design of the classic NES. While the AM01 appeals to Nintendo fans, the AM02 also attracts other users with its 4-inch touchscreen, a feature not commonly found in similar products.

This mini gaming console seamlessly combines sleek design with powerful hardware, all within a compact size. Whether placed on a desk or mounted on a wall, its lightweight build at just 538g is remarkable. The front cover cleverly conceals all input/output ports for a tidy appearance, and it can be easily opened with a click of the red button, adding to its cool factor.

The AM02 features an AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS APU, DDR5 RAM (16/32 GB), and 512GB/1TB SSD, ideal for gaming, video editing, or music composition. Its efficient cooling system, with a four-copper pipe structure and a 45W large-size turbine fan, ensures optimal performance. The screen shows essential information like CPU data, FPS, temperature, and fan speed for tech enthusiasts, while a left swipe reveals the date and time for regular users. Another swipe reveals virtual volume control and the option to toggle the display on or off.

For gamers, the console comes with a built-in launcher, or you can use your preferred launcher like Launchbox/BigBox to run Steam or Epic titles, though it might need some setup. The AYANEO Mini PC AM01 starts at $440 and goes up to $630 depending on the configuration. This places it in a more premium price range compared to a PS5.