The SQUEEZE lamp showcases creativity in design, drawing inspiration from unconventional sources. It challenges traditional lighting norms by making air a central design element.

SQUEEZE isn’t just a lamp; it’s a playful exploration of both form and function. Made from TPU-coated nylon, the lamp combines material innovation with aesthetic charm. The chosen materials maintain consistent air pressure, resulting in a lightweight but robust structure that is dynamic and durable.

At first glance, this lamp could be mistaken for quirky home decor. It’s more than just a light source; it sparks conversations, prompting observers to admire its distinctive design. The lamp’s flexibility is thanks to welded joints in TPU-coated nylon and the material’s properties, enabling it to adapt seamlessly to different surroundings.

This lamp doesn’t just focus on looks; it incorporates practical features. It can easily attach to a table edge using the pressure between two air cushions at the bottom, showcasing a clever blend of both form and function.

Squeeze incorporates a technological innovation with an integrated air pressure sensor to control its light. The sensor responds to pressure on the membrane, providing a distinctive and interactive lighting experience. This dynamic control mechanism adds an extra layer of engagement, turning it into more than just a light but a hands-on experience for users.

Sustainability is a key focus of this lamp. When deflated and folded, the lamp becomes lightweight, reducing transportation costs and emissions. In this lighting project, using air as a design element demonstrates its potential for resource-saving solutions, replacing traditional material-heavy constructions.

Recognizing diverse personal styles, the lamp is available in three colors. Whether you prefer subtle elegance, vibrant color, or a classic hue, Squeeze lets you customize your lighting to match your individual taste and stand out in your living spaces.

Squeeze stands out as an innovative beacon in lighting design. With its clever use of air as a central design element, this lamp not only lights up spaces but also highlights the possibilities that arise when creativity and functionality come together. It goes beyond the ordinary, providing a distinctive and captivating addition to any interior.