Designer Antonio De Rosa suggests a novel approach to a smartphone, the Object-X, catering specifically to Twitter users. The device includes a dedicated rear display for Twitter-related activities like notifications, browsing, tweeting, and even Tesla access. The phone also features a distinctive X-shaped camera bump.

Considering the recent developments in the company and its founder’s journey, the Object-X may not appeal to everyone. However, as a concept and design experiment, it incorporates notable features from Elon Musk’s various ventures, such as a focus on the social media app, Tesla integration, AI-driven photography, and improved connectivity through Tesla SpaceLink.

The Object-X features a 6.9-inch screen with a slightly asymmetrical design, including a sharper corner at the bottom right. It includes a dedicated X button, which also serves as an Action Button. This button allows you to perform various tasks like launching the social media app, initiating your Tesla, or engaging with Grok (X’s ‘free speech’ AI chatbot). While it may not be made from the same metal as the Cybertruck, it’s a hopeful idea for the future.

The most distinctive feature of the Object-X is its rear display, providing Twitter enthusiasts with a dedicated space for the microblogging platform. While it may not be ideal for typing, it’s perfect for tasks like browsing tweets, retweeting, checking notifications, and liking posts. A sidebar allows easy switching between Twitter and Tesla applets, enabling functions like locating your car, auto-parking, unlocking, and even remote-starting your vehicle.

If the extra display didn’t grab your attention, the quad-camera system might. Designed in the shape of the X logo, these cameras are enhanced by Twitter’s GROK AI, which optimizes photos for excellent quality. Antonio De Rosa envisions the phone providing great images across various scenarios with its four cameras, while a central flash improves low-light photography.

The Object-X is primarily a concept phone that delves into possibilities rather than practicality. Trusting Musk with a device that holds comprehensive information about you might be a concern for many, considering the immense power it entails. However, given the 1.9 million preorders for the Cybertruck without clear delivery dates, it’s evident that people are willing to invest in Musk’s ambitious visions, showcasing a willingness to spend on his projects.