Superyachts are all about extreme luxury, mainly owned by the super wealthy. They come with helipads, fancy amenities, and opulent accommodations for guests and crew.

Enter The Arc, a concept yacht designed for the ultra-rich who demand top-notch comfort and style.

The superyacht stands out with its sleek, organic shapes. It’s like the hypercar of yachts, offering luxury and comfort. With three levels, each has its own function. The lower deck features individual rooms and a dining area with glass walls for stunning views.

The second level is an open deck for enjoying the sea and sun. A sail at the front ensures unobstructed views. The back has a covered lounging area for a quieter vibe. On the top level, there’s a pool and relaxation area. The main sail is cleverly placed in the middle, making it a great conversation piece.

The superyacht’s design mixes black and titanium grey for a luxurious yet speedy look. I especially like the lower deck for its open views and protection from the elements, which is great since the weather isn’t always sunny!