We’ve seen the Cybertruck handle various off-road challenges effortlessly, from gravel to sand dunes and even shallow rivers. But what about snow? YouTuber Heavy D Sparks wanted to test its capabilities on snow-covered hills. Instead of just using the Cybertruck as it is, he decided to create something unique: the world’s first Cybertrack – a hybrid truck/snowmobile with treads instead of wheels. Using a Cybertruck borrowed from fellow YouTuber Supercar Ron, Heavy D Sparks, also known as Heavy Diesel, gave the truck its most significant upgrade yet.

The goal was to equip the Cybertruck with “hell tracks,” a modification meant to enhance its off-road performance significantly. However, there were challenges along the way. Due to the Cybertruck’s considerable weight and power, many parts and brackets required reinforcement. Some parts would break or fold under the strain, leading to the truck losing control or ceasing to function altogether.

Supercar Ron generously provided the Diesel Brothers team with an early Founder’s Edition of the Cybertruck for modification. The process involved careful planning and craftsmanship, including creating custom bumpers and adding extra batteries to support large lights from Baja Designs. The truck was then wrapped in a custom camouflage pattern, echoing the Cybertruck’s distinctive angular design.

Testing the modified vehicle showed both success and challenges. The Cybertruck displayed improved stability and performance thanks to the modifications. However, there were notable mechanical issues, such as a broken spindle, highlighting the limitations of factory parts under rigorous testing.

When the Cybertrack operated on snow, Heavy D, the driver, noted its smooth handling. He remarked, “It feels so stable. I’d feel totally comfortable loading this thing full of skiers and heading to the top of any ski resort, even the steepest runs.” The truck could cruise at 40 to 50 mph on snow, although there was a discrepancy between the speedometer reading and the actual ground speed due to how the treads rotated. Despite this, it managed steep inclines well, although there was a minor malfunction towards the end of the video.

Unexpectedly, Tesla gave a positive nod to the project, which was a pleasant surprise. This support highlighted Tesla’s willingness to see its vehicles pushed to new limits, fostering a deeper admiration for the brand and its leadership. It marked a positive change in perception for the project team. Stay tuned for Part 2 of the video, which will likely feature more repairs and modifications to the Cybertrack. You can follow Heavy D Sparks on YouTube for updates.