“The best nap duration is 15 to 20 minutes,” reckons Japanese startup GiraffeNap. “Anything longer than 30 minutes will cause you to fall into a deep sleep, making it hard to wake up, and will interfere with getting a good night’s sleep later.”

The company’s main product is a vertical napping pod designed for office workers. It aims to facilitate the beneficial “power nap,” specifically Stage 2, non-REM sleep, believed to refresh tired minds. According to the company, the vertical position helps achieve Stage 2 without transitioning into deep sleep, minimizing disruption to the workday.

The GiraffeNap pods contain four points of support for the human body

The air within the pods is purified using membranes and an airflow system.

Two versions are on offer. The entry-level Forest model is wooden and makes generous use of plywood.

The higher-end Spacia unit has a melamine finish and a more futuristic look. And unlike the Forest model, it’s soundproof.

Both units come on casters, to make them easy to move, and obviously take up way less space than a dedicated napping room.

Below is a demo video. (It’s in Japanese, but you can turn on the English-translated subtitles.)