For centuries, photos have been the go-to for preserving memories, but they often lack depth. Apple addressed this with Spatial videos, but there’s no need for an expensive device. The Moment 3D Camera, with its four lenses, digitally captures 3D images, adding depth to memories without the hefty price tag.

In simple terms, the Moment camera captures a moment from four different angles simultaneously, making it more immersive and cooler than a regular photograph. Using a set of 38mm lenses, it takes photos simultaneously and displays them on the camera’s viewfinder as GIF files, creating a trippy sense of depth by panning from left to right. It offers a unique feature that your Polaroid can’t match.

“I discovered old cameras such as Nishika N8000 and Nimslo from the 1980s made by various companies with the same idea of stereography. They were quadrascopic (four lenses) cameras designed to produce four half-frame images from a click of the shutters. Lenticular prints could be made from the negatives,” says Olga Orel, the designer behind the Moment 3D Camera. “Unfortunately, the demand for these products was low due to people losing interest while waiting for the prints, which could take weeks and by some accounts, months to return to the consumer. You have to understand, these cameras were introduced BEFORE we knew anything about GIFs or JPEG files!”

The Moment camera is designed to be user-friendly, resembling a regular camera. Its multi-lens system offers a simple way to take photos without a learning curve. Just point, look through the viewfinder, and press the shutter button—the camera handles the rest. It includes a viewfinder for composing shots and a touchscreen display. The camera features zoom, flash, and different modes for shooting people, landscapes, or close-up macro shots of objects.

The Moment camera captures images in a vertical portrait orientation. The photos are shown on a vertical touchscreen, allowing you to crop, edit, and view previous photos/GIFs. It has a timer for selfies, and a convenient tripod mount at the bottom for hands-free photography.