As I get older and my eyesight worsens, I realize I can’t read books with small fonts anymore. While I don’t need magnifying glasses yet, I know I might in the future. Thankfully, there are now more convenient ways to use magnifying lenses instead of the traditional handheld method. This idea for magnifying glasses could be useful for me down the line.

The VAN magnifying glasses concept addresses the issue of unnecessary parts that can cause inconvenience or dizziness for users. Similar to reading glasses, these glasses are only worn when needed. The magnifying lens is positioned only on the lower part, so when you’re not using them or need to rest your eyes, you can simply look straight ahead, as the lens part isn’t there anymore.

Another neat feature of this concept is that if you don’t need to wear the glasses, you can fold up the front and then the “legs.” This transforms it into the classic magnifying glass we’re familiar with, making it easy to store in your bag. While it’s not shown in the product renders, perhaps rotating the lens itself away from the stem could allow you to use it like a regular magnifying glass without having to wear it as glasses.

It’s definitely an intriguing concept, especially for those struggling with reading small print. While it adds another item to carry around and remember, it does address some of the challenges of traditional magnifying glasses.