Not everyone loves coffee; some prefer tea for a pick-me-up or relaxation. Making good tea is easier than coffee, but keeping it fresh and warm while on the go can be tricky. This smart bottle solves that by letting you brew and carry your favorite tea wherever you are, keeping it warm all day.

Brewing tea anywhere is possible if you have all the gear, but carrying everything can be a hassle. Bota is a smart tea bottle that simplifies this by combining all you need in one. It keeps your tea hot so you can enjoy it wherever you are, day or night.

Bota is an all-in-one bottle that does it all. It heats water to the perfect temperature, has a separate chamber for tea leaves, and keeps your tea hot for up to 12 hours. Enjoy a cup whenever you like, just add water and tea leaves.

Despite packing many features, Bota stays sleek and portable, perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle. With a simple touch screen and button, you can set the temperature and start boiling water hassle-free. Enjoy the calm and relaxation of brewing tea wherever you are.

Bota offers a sustainable option, reducing waste by skipping single-use cups and using tea leaves directly. You can enjoy as much tea as you like without adding to the planet’s trash. Relax and sip knowing your healthy choice is also good for the Earth.