Stilnovo broadens its lighting collection with a minimal, contemporary, and lightweight design inspired by the captivating world of space.

Stilnovo is adding new products to its catalog inspired by astronomy, featuring themes of planets, satellites, galaxies, and spacecraft. The Milanese lighting company preserves its heritage by reimagining iconic designs from acclaimed designers while also embracing innovation with new products that incorporate cutting-edge technologies.

Luna by Shigeaki Ashara

A graceful and subtle hanging light with a simple design and soft glow. Designed by Shigeaki Asahara, this innovative lamp uses LED light directed onto an adjustable reflective disc to create a comfortable and pleasing illumination. With a patented balancing system, users can easily adjust the disc’s angle, controlling the light direction. The Luna family also offers a floor lamp with indirect emission and a touch dimmer for added versatility.

Demí Moon by Mirco Crosatto

Designed by Mirco Crosatto, Demí Moon is a unique lamp with a transparent dome resembling the moon’s silhouette. Using OptiLightTM technology, the lamp produces soft and even illumination through micro-incisions on its surface when lit. The light comes from a concealed LED source within the ring of the large opening, delivering a seamless and gentle lighting experience.

Inbilico by Brian Sironi

Inbilico, a wall lamp by Brian Sironi, is a distinctive light that explores the idea of “reflected” light, created by the merging of two separate volumes. Its intriguing balance is accentuated by its wall placement. This versatile lamp can be installed with the light directed upward or downward, maintaining a parallel alignment to the floor for customizable and captivating illumination.