In current VR products, game controllers are commonly used to navigate virtual environments, aligning with an entertainment-focused strategy. However, MR products, which blend virtual and real content, sometimes use NUI manual tracking tech to operate without a separate controller. While this is a natural approach, it may not always be the most convenient or efficient.

In NXC, the focus on controllers that do not distinguish between two hands through gesture NUI and module attachments allows for more flexible and accurate interaction with mixed reality environments. In addition, it provides a more intuitive and tangible interface control experience, enriching the experience of using XR devices.

NXC’s products mainly consist of HMDs, controllers and controller modules. Depending on the user’s work requirements, the HMD can be easily used as a glass type or as a rear-mounted component type with built-in battery pack. In addition, a more flexible creative experience can be achieved by attaching appropriate modules to the controller depending on the functionality required by the operator.