Headphones are essential in today’s lifestyle, used for enjoying music, podcasts, or gaming. With numerous impressive designs and advanced audio technology available, finding the perfect pair that suits both audio needs and personal style is a dream for audiophiles. Among the many headphones we’ve tested, design plays a crucial role. Consider this CES-worthy concept piece, which fuels hopes of it becoming available for pre-order in the future.

This unique headphone concept, resembling Gundam mecha, stands out with an unparalleled design. Unlike traditional gaming headphones, such as those from Razer, Asus, HyperX, Turtle Beach, and Steel Series, this pair goes to a whole new level. The winged streaks on each earcup not only give them a distinctive look but also serve a practical purpose.

The wings are linked to a central dial controlling the current equalizer setting. Rotating the dial adjusts the headphones from closed back to semi-open or completely open, catering to various listening preferences. This single pair can satisfy audiophiles collecting headphones for different moods. The cool ambient lighting adds to the overall appeal.

While we lack specific hardware details, the sci-fi and versatile design of these headphones is incredibly appealing. Picture yourself using them in an e-sports tournament or as part of your home setup. They seamlessly enhance your geeky desk arrangement, especially if you enjoy bias lighting and RGB lights.