The Floating Bamboo House, an architectural prototype by Vietnamese studio H&P Architects, is precisely as its name suggests. Constructed from bamboo, this floating home is specifically engineered to endure rising sea levels. Its purpose is to offer a resilient housing model for residents in the Mekong Delta region, addressing climate challenges.

H&P Architects founder Đoàn Thanh Hà stated, “Vietnam is severely affected by climate change.” He believes the Floating Bamboo House offers a valuable alternative for millions of low-income households to build stable and safe accommodations, adapting to the challenges of climate change. The house features three compartments with a six by six meters square ground floor and includes a first-floor story in its roof eaves.

The studio envisions connecting Floating Bamboo Houses with floating playing grounds, vegetable-growing rafts, and fish-raising areas. The design allows for adaptation, with an adjustable door system providing shelter from extreme weather. Additionally, upper-story floor panels can be removed, transforming the structure into a library, classroom, or communal meeting space. H&P Architects foresee the possibility of constructing multiple floating homes to form floating villages in the future.