We’ve seen many portable power stations, and most of them have similar box-shaped designs made of rugged materials for easy transportation. However, there’s no rule saying they must follow this pattern. Duracell, known for batteries, took a creative approach by designing power stations that resemble oversized D-size batteries. These unique power banks not only pay homage to their popular product line but also add style and flair to the typically mundane tech device.

Once, consumer electronics relied on disposable cylindrical batteries that were discarded after losing their charge. Fortunately, we’ve largely transitioned to rechargeable options, reducing waste. Yet, there’s a nostalgic fondness for the iconic design of old alkaline batteries, similar to floppy disks. Embracing the nostalgia trend, Duracell cleverly incorporated this iconic design into a portable power station, creating a playful nod to the era of oversized batteries.

The Duracell M250 and M150 resemble oversized D batteries, featuring a black and bronze color scheme with a smaller disc shape on top indicating the positive end. While they are smaller than most portable power stations, they are larger than typical power banks. Despite their size, the M250 has a 60,000mAh battery capacity, and the M150 has a 25,000mAh capacity, sufficient for charging various electronic devices, including laptops through the 100W USB-C port. The larger M250 also includes a 100W AC port for additional applications.

Certainly, the traditional battery shape isn’t the most travel-friendly, casting doubt on the “portable” label. However, there’s no denying its intriguing design for a portable power station, adding a poetic touch to the product category. While it will catch eyes in coffee shops or on planes, the novelty might turn to amusement as you struggle to fit the large can into your bag or luggage.