Lenovo has unveiled an innovative solar-powered keyboard and mouse combo at CES 2024. Unlike traditional solar peripherals, these devices use mechanical movement and solar irradiation for power, eliminating the need for batteries or constant exposure to natural light. To address limitations in low-light conditions, the mouse features a crank at the bottom, and the keyboard has a kinetic dial in the top left corner. This means you can charge the peripherals by simply using them, making it a convenient and eco-friendly solution.

The “Mechanical Energy Harvesting Combo” by Lenovo is still in the concept stage. It incorporates solar panels on the keyboard to harness natural or room light. The spinning dial on the keyboard is considered more practical than the mouse’s crank, which requires more conscious effort. Lenovo claims that five minutes of spinning the keyboard dial provides an additional 30 minutes of battery charge.

Lenovo has covered all options with a USB-C port on the back for manual wired charging. Additionally, there’s a three-position switch to toggle between the RF dongle, wired USB, or Bluetooth connection.

Lenovo designed the mouse with an embedded ring on a pivot for the crank motion. One minute of winding provides around 30 minutes of charge time. While it requires some effort, it’s a unique feature Lenovo has introduced. The mouse also boasts regular specifications, such as software-programmable buttons, a 12,800 dpi resolution, comfortable feel, scroll buttons, side snipping button, resolution switcher, shortcut buttons, and a toggle switch.

It’s unclear if the concept combo will be available commercially, but there’s a possibility if Lenovo adds more functionality and hardware innovation. The keyboard seems promising, but the mouse crank motion may need to evolve into a more practical feature for wider acceptance.