It features an innovative audio projection system alongside an array of over 100 distinct scents. Developed by Aroma Join, this device allows creators to personalize their own aromas using an SDK (Scent Development Kit). With this kit, developers can craft unique experiences by seamlessly integrating video with scents, resulting in a remarkably immersive overall encounter.

The early stages of the metaverse have primarily focused on sight, sound, and touch. However, for a truly immersive experience, all senses play a crucial role. The Aroma Speaker 60 addresses this by combining audio and scents, tricking your brain into a more believable experience. Whether it’s a grassy field making you feel relaxed or the sight of food making your mouth water, this device enhances the overall sensory engagement.

Scent-emitting devices have been around for a decade, but many users agree that the technology hasn’t fully matured. However, according to industry veteran Vincent Nguyen, the Aroma Speaker stands out. It excels at precisely targeting an area and projecting scents over a significant distance (up to 6-7 feet), ensuring attention-grabbing experiences. The scents are distinct, powerful, and remarkably dynamic, changing instantly with on-screen scenes.

While the technology details remain undisclosed, it essentially involves aroma modules within each speaker unit. There are 10 modules in two speakers, and each module contains 6 cartridges with essential oils. The speaker, along with the laptop software, utilizes these cartridges to generate up to 60 distinct scents. Although the speakers also produce audio, it’s the unique fragrances that make this technology stand out.

AromaJoin has skillfully mixed six basic fragrances to produce a wide range of scents, including both pleasant and unpleasant ones. While the scented caramel aroma was quite strong, the floral scents were delightful. The speaker even emitted a petrichor aroma when the laptop displayed a green field. When the scene changed to a polluted city, you could instantly smell the smoke. Although the fragrances weren’t perfectly natural (your mind might detect they’re artificial to some extent), they were quite close.

AromaJoin currently isn’t selling the Aroma Speaker 60, using it as a proof of concept to attract developers and marketers for ecosystem expansion. They offer an open-source app and SDK for creating scent profiles in video content. Eventually, AromaJoin aims to build a comprehensive library, enhancing the value of the Aroma Speaker 60. Meanwhile, the company is selling the Aroma Shooter Wearable 3, a neck-worn accessory compatible with headsets like the Meta Quest 3, aimed at making the metaverse more immersive and multisensory.