Fiio, known for high-quality audio equipment, surprises at CES 2024 with the CP13 cassette player, a modern take on the classic Sony Walkman from the 80s. This retro gadget authentically captures the essence of the Walkman era, featuring a cassette music player without Bluetooth, staying true to its nostalgic roots. The addition of USB-C charging eliminates the need for frequent AA battery replacements, offering a convenient modern twist.

Honoring the original Walkman in a silver-blue finish, the gadget boasts a retro design featuring large playback buttons, a 3.5mm headphone port, and an oversized knob. While there’s no auto-reverse option, you can manually switch sides. The device allows functions like fast-forward, reverse, and pause, reminiscent of the original model.

In addition to the modern charging port, the gadget includes a status LED. It offers 15 hours of playback on a single charge, but unfortunately, lacks a feature for converting tapes to MP3 files. Apart from the signature color variant, audio enthusiasts can choose the matte black with white or the blue with metal silver option.

The audio accessory costs $164, and I’m uncertain if I’ll be making that purchase soon. Nevertheless, the Fiio CP13 brings back fond memories of a golden era when owning music albums and following artists held greater value than it does in modern times.