Chess, known as a game of intellect, has served as a storytelling canvas throughout history. It tells tales of wars, strategies, and mirrors the complexities of human existence. Characters like kings, queens, knights, and pawns bear the weight of history and symbolism. Visionary artist Taras Yoom takes chess beyond its traditional boundaries, envisioning a realm where two kingdoms declare a truce—a symbolic new stage in life.

Yoom’s creation, “Another Kingdom: Light Stage,” goes beyond the ordinary chess set—it’s a handcrafted collectible that revitalizes the timeless game. Yoom, recognized for his work with Yoomoota, presents a limited edition collection of 21 chess sets representing a harmonious exchange between two realms. Each set is a 3D printing masterpiece using photopolymer plastic, involving molding, sculpting, polymer casting, and detailed acrylic paint work with meticulous attention.

The color palette, featuring light pastels and blues, reflects the truce and knowledge exchange between the two kingdoms. The combination of acrylic, metal, plastic, silicone, and wood enhances the tactile quality of the chess pieces, turning them into both strategic tools and works of art. Yoom adds a digital touch by incorporating an NFC chip, providing a digital certificate that validates, authenticates, and records ownership and provenance for each artwork, establishing a unique connection with its collector. The Another Kingdom: Light Stage chess sets act as a tangible link to the Yoomoota universe, particularly the planet Us2BeBetter.

In Yoom’s story, the inhabitants of a celestial body are entering a new era focused on avoiding conflict. The chessboard serves as the stage for this narrative, featuring pieces on two mountains guarding a special artifact resembling an old pocket watch. This artifact has the unique power to temporarily change the past, allowing players to rewrite history during the game.

Described as the dawn of a new era in Yoomoota’s development, Another Kingdom: Light Stage carries a festive atmosphere akin to an endless fair. It transcends traditional chess victories, providing symbolic triumph through the discovery of a hidden treasure at the board’s center. The chess set represents not just a game but a celebration of peace and the rewriting of destinies.

As the game progresses, players or residents have a special chance to change the story of their world. The chess set, with its alien-like creatures, brings a sense of otherworldliness to the playful game, taking it to the imaginative world of Yoomoota.

In the detailed craftsmanship of Another Kingdom: Light Stage, Taras Yoom welcomes both chess enthusiasts and art collectors to join a journey where strategy meets symbolism. The truce declared on the chessboard resonates across the vast expanse of Yoomoota.