Once considered a sign of disconnection, TWS (truly wireless stereo) earbuds are now the standard for smartphone users. They offer benefits like freedom from tangled cables, but are also prone to being easily misplaced. They provide opportunities for creative designs, especially through brand collaborations. More intriguing are designs that explore unconventional shapes or materials, like these cases for Samsung’s Galaxy Buds, modeled after iconic monster-catching balls from the Pokemon franchise.

To clarify, these Poke Balls are not a replacement for the charging cases used by Samsung earbuds. In Pokemon terms, the original earbuds case is like the Pokemon residing inside the ball when not in use. Instead, these Poke Balls house the charging cases, resolving compatibility issues. They work with the entire range of Galaxy earbuds, including the Galaxy Buds Live, Buds Pro, Buds 2, Buds 2 Pro, and the recent Buds FE.

In Europe, especially in Spain, the available Poke Ball designs are the purple Masterball, the blue Greatball, and the Yellow Ultraball. Interestingly, the classic red and white Poke Ball is not currently offered, even though it would immediately signify them as Poke Balls. This design might be introduced in other countries at a later time.

This isn’t the first collaboration between Samsung and The Pokemon Company for Pokemon-themed accessories and devices. What sets this collection of Poke Balls apart is its commitment to eco-friendliness, utilizing recycled materials instead of new plastic. Whether these products will be available in other markets remains to be seen.

Despite the charm for Pokemon fans, there are practical drawbacks for potential buyers. Firstly, the earbuds won’t easily fit in pockets when in the Poke Balls, as they don’t shrink like in the animated show. Secondly, the balls lack built-in batteries or a way to charge the cases inside, requiring you to remove the charging case for recharging.