The Memo X gadget, made by Zenlet in Taiwan, allows you to turn any paper into a sticky note. Just insert the paper, press down, and it cuts the paper while applying a light adhesive in one go.

You can trim your paper to the regular square size, but the cutter can also be adjusted to smaller lengths.

You can detach the adhesive stamper from the cutter if you only want to apply adhesive to a piece of paper without cutting it.

Being able to transform discarded paper into usable Post-Its sounds great. However, the $74 Kickstarter price might make you think twice. Plus, remember, the adhesive isn’t unlimited; the gadget comes with a roll that lasts for 250 applications. After that, you’ll need to buy more rolls from Zenlet at $3 to $4 each. The Memo X Kickstarter campaign is almost over, with 2 days left to pledge at the time of writing. The units are set to ship in September.