Many modern designs draw inspiration from nature, the ultimate designer. Some replicate natural forms closely, while others reinterpret organic shapes in a unique manner. This wall lighting, inspired by sunflower’s disk flowers, achieves a mesmerizing look through the interplay of light and shadows, creating a familiar yet almost otherworldly appearance whether illuminated or not.

Many may not know, but the visible part of a sunflower is a collection of tiny flowers called disk florets. This unique arrangement adds enchantment to the sunflower. The Aureole collection of wall-mounted lighting aims to capture this otherworldly character, not just in its appearance but also in the mesmerizing form created from its materials.

The lamps feature a main body made of quartz sand, a material commonly used for molds to shape other objects. In the Aureole collection, the sand itself is the end product, pushing the boundaries of both the material’s use and the 3D printing technology used to craft the intricate structures of the lamp’s shape.

The lamp’s shape resembles a maze of intersecting curves or raised bits swirling around the center, hinting at the sunflower’s disk florets without being overly literal. It suggests the sunflower head’s general form, allowing for artistic interpretation. Upon closer inspection, intricate lines and curves emerge, reminiscent of the structures found in bee and ant hives. Though inspired by nature, it imparts an almost alien-like vibe.

When illuminated from beneath an opaque black disc at the center, the wall-mounted lighting transforms into an ethereal and mesmerizing display. The intricate 3D structures allow the light to cast unique and intricate shadows, creating an eerie atmosphere with swirling yellow and black contrasts. The lighting evokes a sense of mystery, reminiscent of a solar eclipse corona bursting into a dizzying pattern. The Aureole wall lamps undeniably captivate minds and spark imagination, making them a compelling conversation starter in any setting.