Gone are the days of simple black box speakers. Today’s home audio equipment combines aesthetics and function. Bang & Olufsen is a popular brand in the art-inspired speaker market, but there are others with unique and eye-catching designs. This speaker set is both a work of art and high-end audio equipment, promising to enhance the listening experience for both the ears and the eyes.

The speaker has traditionally been symbolized by a conical structure, known as a horn shape. The Jetstream loudspeaker turns this design into an art piece by using transparent acrylic for the horn, creating a human-sized structure. This unique speaker gives the appearance of the drive unit floating in mid-air, resembling sonic boom traces from a high-speed jet when viewed from the side. This design is particularly fitting given the designer’s background.

The ornamental horn shape of the Jetstream serves a functional purpose rooted in physics. Similar to traditional horn speakers, this shape facilitates the free and even propagation of sound waves. Due to its size, it enhances this effect, ensuring clear and dynamic sound throughout the entire room. The loudspeaker system guarantees high-quality sound, whether you’re listening to classical music or modern movie sound effects.

While the horn loudspeaker is the main focus, the Ferguson Hill Jetstream loudspeaker system includes more than just that. The system also features a bass speaker, shaped like a transparent sphere with a large drive unit, supported by three metal cone feet. This design imparts a retro-futuristic aesthetic that complements the large horn loudspeaker.

The Jetstream, while serving as a sound system, doubles as a statement piece, turning any space into a distinctive audiovisual experience. It represents a fusion of art and technology, redefining the concept of a home speaker by appealing to emotions and the mind, engaging more than one sense. However, this design comes with a significant price tag, although that might shift as more audio equipment manufacturers adopt a design-conscious approach to speaker production.